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Friday, 23 July 2021

                                           MCQ'S MOLECULAR BASIS OF INHERITANCE

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1.         Formation of RNA from DNA is known as

(A)       Transcription                                       (B)       Translation

(C)       Replication                                          (D)       Recombination

2.         Transcription is catalyzed by

(A)       RNA polymerase                                (B)       DNA polymerase

(C)       Endonucleases                                                (D)       None of these

3.         During RNA transcription, unwinding of DNA is performed by

(A)       Topoisomerase                                                (B)       Helicase

(C)       RNA polymerase                                            (D)       Ligase

4.         mRNA is synthesized on DNA template in which direction

(A)       5’-3’                                                    (B)       3’-5

(C)       Bothe A and B                                                (D)       None of these

5.         Which of the following reunites the exon segments after RNA splicing?

(A)       RNA polymerase                                (B)       RNA primase

(C)       RNA ligase                                         (D)       RNA proteases

6.         If the sequence of bases in DNA is ATTCGATG, then the sequence of bases in its transcript will be

(A)       CAUCGAAU                                     (B)       GAUGCUUA

(C)       UAAGCUAC                                     (D)       AUUCGAUG

7.         In transcription the terminating factor is

(A)        factor                                               (B)       p factor

(C)        factor                                                          (D)       TATA box

8.         During transcription, the DNA site at which RNA polymerase bind is called

(A)       Promoter                                             (B)       Regulator

(C)       Receptor                                              (D)       Enhancer

9.         Segments of mRNA removed during splicing are

(A)       Introns                                                 (B)       Exons

(C)       Promotor regions                                 (D)       Integrator regions

10.       Removal of introns and joining the exons in a defined order in a transcription unit is called

(A)       tailing                                                  (B)       transcription

(C)       capping                                                (D)       splicing

11.       The DNA strand that is transcribed to mRNA is

(A)       antisense strand                                   (B)       sense strand

(C)       both sense and antisense strand          (D)       parts of the sense and antisense strand

12.       Transcription in case of eukaryotes takes place in

(A)       nucleus                                                (B)       nucleolus

(C)       cytoplasm                                            (D)       ribosome

13.       Which of the following type of RNA molecule is essential for protein synthesis?

(A)       mRNA                                                (B)       tRNA

(C)       rRNA                                                  (D)       All of these

14.       Central dogma is directly connected with synthesis of

(A)       mRNA                                                            (B)       poltpeptide

(C)       both A and B                                      (D)       lipids

15.       The anticodon of tRNA binds with

(A)       nucleic bases of mRNA                      (B)       nucleic bases of rRNA

(C)       codons  of  tRNA                               (D)       amino acids

16.       The function of tRNA is

(A)       selection of amino acids                      (B)       production of mRNA

(C)       production of ribosomes                     (D)       production of microsomes

17.       Polysome is formed by

(A)       a ribosome with several subunits       

(B)       ribosomes attached to each other in a linear arrangement

(C)       several ribosomes attached to a single mRNA

(D)       many ribosomes attached to a strand of endoplasmic reticulum

18.       During protein synthesis AUG function as a initiator codon in mRNA. What should be the anticodon on the tRNA molecule that picks up and brings the amino acids specified by this codon?

(A)       UAC                                                   (B)       TAC

(C)       CAU                                                   (D)       GUA

19.       mRNA directs the building of proteins through a sequence of

(A)       exons                                                   (B)       introns

(C)       codons                                                 (D)       anticodons

20.       Degeneration of a genetic code is attributed to the

(A)       first member of a codon                      (B)       second member of a codon

(C)       entire codon                                        (D)       third member of codon

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