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Wednesday, 16 August 2017



1. Amino acids are
a) building blocks of carbohydrates
b) building blocks of nucleic acids
c) building blocks of lipids
d) building blocks of proteins

2. Amino acids has
a) both amino group and carboxyl group
b) both amino group and keto group
c) amino group only
d) carboxyl group only
3. The simplest amino acid is
a) Proline
b) methionine
c) glycine
d) serine
4. The first amino acid in a polypeptide chain is
a) Serine
b) Valine
c) Alanine
d) Methionine
5. Acidic amino acids include
a) Arginine and glutamate
b) Aspartate and asparagine
c) Aspartate and lysine
d) Aspartate and glutamate
6. Amino acids with hydroxyl groups are
a) serine and alanine
b) Alanine and valine
c) serine and threonine
d) Valine and isoleucine
7. The 21st amino acid is
a) hydroxy lysine
b) hydroxyl proline
c) selenocysteine
d) citrulline
8. Which is a phospholipid
a) Lecithin
b) Cholesterol
c) Sterol
d) Steroid
9. Palmitic acid contains
a) 20 carbon
b) 16 carbon
c) 17 carbon
d) 15 carbon
10. In solutions of different pHs, the structure of amino acids changes due to its
a)    Ionizable nature
b)   Non- ionizable nature
c)    Crystallisable nature
d)    Non-crystalisable nature

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