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Wednesday, 16 August 2017



1.     In Tape Grass (Vallisenaria)
a.     both male and female flowers break from the plant and float on the surface of water
b.     only the female flowers break from the plant while the male flowers are brought to the surface by the long stalks
c.     only the male flowers break from the plant and rise to the surface of water while the female flowers are brought to the surface by the long pedicels
d.     any of the two types of flowers can break
2.     A normal plant suddenly begins multiplying parthenogenetically. The number of chromosomes of the second viable generation as compared to the parent will be
a.     same
b.     one half
c.     one fourth
d.     double
3.     Which of the plant cells will show totipotency ?
a.     sieve tubes
b.     xylem vessels
c.     meristem
d.     cork cells
4.     Self pollination is prevented by
a.     dichogamy
b.     self sterility
c.     herkogamy
d.     all the above
5.     Entomophily is pollination through the agency of
a.    water
b.     insects
c.     wind
d.     water
6.     Cleistogamous flowers are
a.     male flowers which never open
b.     female flowers which never open
c.     bisexual flowers which never open
d.     open bisexual flowers which perform self pollination in bud condition
7.     Protandry is
a.     maturation of stigma earlier than anthers of the same flower
b.     maturation of stigma and anthers at the same time
c.     maturation of anthers earlier than stigma of the same flower
d.     pollination of the stigma by the anther of same flower
8.     Pollen grain is related to embryo sac as
a.     sperm to embryo
b.     male gametophyte to female gametophyte
c.     male gametophyte to egg
d.     sperm to female gametophyte
9.     Genotypically the pollen grains produced by an anther belong to
a.     one type
b.     Two types
c.     many types
d.     all the above
10.  In angiosperms, a mature male gametophyte is formed from a pollen mother cell through
a.     two meiotic divisions
b.     three mitotic divisions
c.     one meiotic and two mitotic divisions
d.     a single meiotic division
11.  Which is wrong
a.     seed cannot be formed after one fertilization
b.     seed is formed after one fertilization
c.     seed is formed without double fertilization
d.     fruit is produced after double fertilization
12.  In a grafted plant, stock has 48 chromosomes while scion has 24 chromosomes, The chromosome number for root cells and eggs are
a.     48 and 24
b.     24 and 24
c.     24 and 12
d.     48 and 12
13.  Function of guiding and attracting pollen tube is done by
a.     egg cell
b.     filiform apparatus
c.     antipodal cells
d.     secondary nucleus
14.  How many of these seeds retain  a part of endosperm as it is not completely used up during embryo development
wheat, maize , pea, groundnut, barley, castor, sunflower
a.       3
b.       2
c.       6
d.       5
     15. How many mitotic and how many meiotic divisions are needed to form a  embryo sac from a megaspore mother cell?
                   a.       One mitotic and three meiotic
                   b.       three mitotic and three meiotic
                   c.       three mitotic and one meiotic
         d.       Two mitotic and three meiotic


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