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Tuesday, 27 July 2021

MCQs l Genetics l Molecular Basis of Inheritance -1 l NTA l NEET l ABHYAS l Biology



 1.  1. The Process of translation is associated with

a.       Ribosomes

b.      Protein Synthesis

c.       DNA synthesis

d.      RNA synthesis

2.      2. In a DNA percentage of thymine is 20% then what will be the percentage of guanine?

a.       20%

b.      40%

c.       30%

d.      60%

3.   3. Which  RNAs pick up specific amino acids from amino acid pool in the cytoplasm to ribosome     

            during protein synthesis?

a.       rRNA

b.      mRNA

c.       tRNA

d.      hnRNA

4.     4. The process of formation of RNA is known as

a.       Translation

b.      Transcription

c.       Gene expression

d.      Replication

5.     5.   The enzyme DNA dependent RNA polymerase catalyses the polymerisation the polymerization     

             reaction in ________________ direction.

a.       Only 5’   ------    3’

b.      Only 3’ --------    5’

c.       Both (A) and (B)

d.      None of these

6.     6.   What will be the correct gene expression pathway

7.      7.  Select the incorrect statement with respect to the packaging of DNA helix

a.       The negatively charged DNA is wrapped around the positively charged histone octamer

b.      Histones are rich in basic amino acids

c.       The packaging of chromatin at higher level requires non-histone chromosomal proteins

d.      The chromatin that is more densely packed and stains light are called as heterochromatin

8.      8.  The nitrogenous bases in DNA are

a.       AUGC

b.      UTGC

c.       ATGC

d.      ATUC

9.     9.   A given double stranded DNA molecule is 1,00,000 base pairs long. The length of this DNA  

            molecule will be

a.       10,000 nm

b.      3.4 x 104 nm

c.       104 nm

d.      2,00,000 nm

10   10.  Length of DNA in human diploid cell is

a.       2.2 m

b.      2.3 m

c.       2.5 m

d.      2. M

11  11.  Chemically, RNA is ______(i)________  reactive and ________(ii)_______  stable as compared to DNA

a.       (i) equally, (ii) equally

b.       (i) less, (ii) more

c.       (i) more, (ii) less

d.      (i) more, (ii) equally

1212.   Which of the following phenomena was experimentally proved by Meselson and Stahl?

a.       Transformation

b.      Transduction

c.       Semi-conservative DNA replication

d.      Central dogma

1313.    First experiment proof  for semiconservative DNA replication was shown in

a.       Streptococcus pneumonia

b.      Escherichia coli

c.       Neurospora crassa

d.      Rattus rattus

1414.  Select  the correct match of enzyme with its related functions

a.       DNA polymerase --- Synthesis of DNA strand

b.      Helicases -----Unwinding of DNA helix

c.       Ligases  ---- Joins together short DNA segments

d.      All of  these





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