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Thursday, 9 September 2021

MCQs l Respiration in plants -1 l NEET 2021 l NEET 2022 l Biology Class XI l ABHYAS l NTA


1.      1.  Terminal oxidation of one molecule of NADH gives:

a.       3 ATP molecules

b.       12 ATP molecules

c.        2 ATP molecules

d.       1 ATP molecules

2.       End product of glycolysis is

a.       Acetyl CoA

b.       Pyruvic acid

c.        Glucose 1- phosphate

d.       Fructose 1- phosphate

3.       Site of glycolysis in a prokaryotic cell is

a.       mesosome

b.       cytosol

c.        cell membrane

d.       nucleoid

4.       Which metabolic pathway is common pathway in both anaerobic and aerobic respiration?

a.       TCA cycle

b.       ETS

c.        EMP pathway

d.       Kreb’s cycle

5.       Which off the following occurs in glycolysis?

a.       Carboxylation

b.       decarboxylation

c.        Reduction

d.       Oxidation



1.  a

2.  b

3.  b

4.  c

5. d


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