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Thursday, 19 August 2021

Biotechnology and its Applications Abhyas MCQs for NEET - 2021

1.       Which of the following is true with respect to Bt toxin?

a.       Bt protein exists as active toxin in Bacillus.

b.       The inactive protoxin gets activated into active toxin in the insect gut.

c.        Bt toxin prevents DNA replication in infected pests.

d.       It uses RNAi to check the growth of pests.

2.       Gene therapy is

a.       Study of extra nuclear gene

b.       Replacement of faulty gene by a normal healthy functional gene

c.        Cosmetic surgery

d.       All the above

3.       The RNA interference technique is used successfully to control the nematode

a.       Ascaris lumbricoides

b.       Rhabditis

c.        Wuchereria bancrofti

d.       Meloidogyne incognita

4.       Which of the following is not a benefit of transgenic animals?

a.       Investigation of new treatments for diseases

b.       Early detection of diseases

c.        Testing the safety of vaccines

d.       To produce useful biological products

5.       Which of the following gene isolated from Bacillus thuringiensis control corn borer?

a.       HLA gene

b.       TPA gene

c.        cryIAc gene

d.       cryIAb gene

6.       Which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding the genetic modification of crops?

a.       It has reduced- reliance on chemical pesticides.

b.       It has reduced post- harvest losses.

c.        It has reduced the efficiency of mineral usage by plants

d.       It has enhanced the nutritional value of food.

7.       The RNAi process found in eukaryotes is initiated by

a.       ds RNA fragment

b.       ds DNA fragment

c.        ss RNA fragment

d.       ss DNA fragment

8.       The first transgenic cow_ _ _A_ _ produced human protein-enriched milk containing the human protein called_ _B_ _.

a.       A- Metagen, B-TPA

b.       A- Dolly, B- alpha-lactalbumin

c.        A- Rosie, B- alpha-lactalbumin

d.       A- Polly, B- beta-lactalbumin

9.       α -1- antitrypsin is

a.       an antacid

b.       an enzyme

c.        used to treat arthritis

d.       used to treat emphysema

10.    Bt Cotton is

a.       Cloned plant

b.       Transgenic plant

c.        Hybrid plant

d.       Mutated plant

11.    Which of the following statement is correct about autoradiography?

a.       A double-stranded DNA or RNA probe is allowed to hybridize to its complementary DNA.

b.       The clone having the mutated gene will appear on the photographic film.

c.        The probe will not have complementarity with the mutated gene.

d.       More than one option is correct.

12.    Which of the following are examples of biopiracy?

a.       Patent granted for a West African protein Brazzein in the USA.

b.       Patent granted in the USA for medicinal properties of neem and turmeric.

c.        Patent granted in the USA covering the entire basmati rice germplasm indigenous to our country.

d.       All of these.

13.    GEAC stands for

a.       Genetic Engineering Analytical Committee.

b.       Genetic Engineering Approval Committee.

c.        Genetic Engineering Action Committee.

d.       Genetic and Environmental Action Corporation.

14.    Biopiracy means

a.       Use of biopatents

b.       Thefts of plants and animals

c.        Stealing of bioresources

d.       Exploitation of bioresources without authentic permission

15.    The site of ADA production in the body is

a.       Neutrophils

b.       Lymphocytes

c.        Blood plasma

d.       Monocytes

16.    How many recombinant therapeutics are being marketed in India?

a.       8

b.       12

c.        15

d.       30

17.    Genetically engineered bacteria are being used for commercially producing

a.       Cortisol.

b.       Insulin.

c.        Thyroxine.

d.       HCG.

18.    Which of the following is an incorrect statement for the use of protein products obtained by recombinant DNA technology?

a.       α-1 antitrypsin is used to treat emphysema.

b.       Platelet- derived growth factor is used to stimulate wound healing.

c.        Humulin is an enzyme used for dissolving blood clots.

d.       Anti-haemophilic globulin (AHG) is used for treatment of haemophilia.

19.    The vector used for the delivery of cDNA of adenosine deaminase (ADA) into a patient’s lymphocyte is

a.       Thermus aquaticus.

b.       Arbovirus.

c.        Retrovirus.

d.       Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

20.    Early detection of a disease is possible by

a.       PCR

b.       gene therapy

c.        recombinant DNA technology and ELISA

d.       Both (A) and (C).

21.    Animals that have had their DNA manipulated to possess and express a foreign gene are called

a.       Transgenic animals

b.       Somatic hybrids

c.        Somaclones

d.       Super animals

22.    ‘Golden rice’ developed through transgene approach is enriched with

a.       High lysine content

b.       High methionine content

c.        High glutenin content

d.       High vitamin A content

23.    Which of the following statements is not correct?

a.       Insulin used for diabetic patients was earlier extracted from pancreas of slaughtered cattle and pigs which was more efficient than the genetically engineered insulin.

b.        PCR technique is applied to detect HIV in suspected AIDS patients and to detect mutations in genes in suspected cancer patients.

c.        Bone marrow transplantation requires periodic infusion of genetically engineered lymphocytes in ADA deficient patients.

d.       Bioremediation is the one of the applications of biotechnology.

24.    _ _ _ _ _ is a single-stranded DNA or RNA, tagged with a radioactive molecule and is used to detect mutated genes.

a.       RNAi

b.       Probe

c.        Plasmid

d.       Primer

25.    Read the given statements and select the correct option.

Statement 1: Transgenic food may cause toxicity and produce allergies in human beings.

Statement 2: The bacteria present in the alimentary canal of human beings may become resistant to the antibiotics by taking up the antibiotic-resistant gene that is present in GM food.

a.       Both statements 1 and 2 are correct.

b.       Statement 1 is correct but statement 2 is incorrect.

c.        Statement 1 is incorrect but statement 2 is correct.

d.       Both statements 1 and 2 are incorrect.

26.    Which one of the following is not used as biofertilizer?

a.       Bacillus thuringiensis

b.       Anabaena

c.        Nostoc

d.       Rhizobium

27.    Transgenic models can be used to investigate many human diseases such as:

a.       Cancer

b.       Alzheimer’s disease

c.        Cystic fibrosis

d.       All of these

28.    An example of gene therapy is:

a.       Production of injectable hepatitis B vaccine.

b.       Production of vaccines in food crops like potatoes which can be eaten.

c.        Introduction of the gene for adenosine deaminase in person suffering from Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID)

d.       Production of test-tube babies by artificial insemination and implantation of fertilized eggs.

29.    Which of the following vectors has been used for introducing nematode-specific genes in infected tabacco plants?

a.       Retrovirus

b.       Ti plasmid of Agrobacterium

c.        Bacillus thuringiensis

d.       Meloidogyne incognita

30.    Bt toxin genes have been expressed in plants in order to provide resistance against

(i) lepidopterans and fungi

(ii) animals and bacteria

(iii) bacteria and fungi

(iv) coleopterans and dipterans

(v) lepidopterans

a.       (ii) and (iii)

b.       (i), (ii) and (iv)

c.        (iii) and (v)

d.       (iv) and (v)



Answer Key:



1.  B

2.  B

3.  D

4.  B

5.  D

6.  C

7.  A

8.  C

9.  D

10.  B

11.  C

12.  D

13.  B

14.  D

15.  B

16.  B

17.  B

18.  C

19.  C

20.  D

21.  A

22.  D

23.  A

24.  B

25.  A

26.  A

27.  D

28.  C

29.  B

30.  D


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